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Trying to load some data from mysql into the next screen using jQtouch. What is the correct way of doing this. Right now I just have a jquery click event on the tag for the next page which really is just a div on the same page. The jquery looks like this.

$.post("/mobile/getCities", {}, function(data){ loadURL($(this).attr('href'), "#findyourhome"); });

this call hits a controller and pulls the data. Once I have the data I am setting it to a view-variable inside the controller. I think the issue was the fact that the index function gets hit again this way so the view variable never properly gets set.

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Although not really an answer? Are you just starting out?

In that case might I suggest taking a look at jQuery Mobile...


Seems like jQuery Mobile is making a strong start.


However if your work is tied to jQtouch... I have no clue...

You could also maybe try sencha tocuh. They tried selling it but now it's more or less free I think.


Not to sound pessimistic, I just don't see too much momentum from the jQtouch community lately.

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