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I have an existing Java web application running through IBM WebSphere (I'm unsure of the version, but could find out if it helps) that I am looking to implement two factor authentication with.

The system has a decent user base, and I wanted to distribute hardware tokens to the admin users of the system to ensure strong authentication.

Minimal impact to the end user is desirable, but I'd like to avoid having the admins need to go through a VPN connection.

Does anyone know of any products that provide Java APIs that could be directly integrated into the existing application or other products that will provide a minimal impact? I've already spoken with RSA SecurID, but their system wouldn't integrate directly and would require an infrastructure change. Any other ideas/experience is greatly appreciated.

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If you want two-factor authentication via a TLS client-certificate, there are a few hardware cryptographic tokens out there. Java can load a PKCS#11 store out of the box, although some configuration may be required. How much of it is admin configuration vs. application configuration depends on the application (and sometimes on how 'locked' the terminal is w.r.t to inserting a USB token or having a card reader).

There may be alternative solutions, such as One-Time Password tokens (which don't rely on certificates, but on unique passwords instead). This seems less heavy for the users. I must admit I've never tried it, but this project might be interesting: http://directory.apache.org/triplesec/ (There are also hardware OTP keyrings, usually by the same vendors who do RSA cards/USB tokens).

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I was just looking at a question on IT SE re Apache triplesec! I noticed some odd things about it. Should I ask as a question there? Or is its apparent lack of status i.e. 404'd, already well-known as of 2013, might you know? I always hesitate about seeming like an idiot, even though they are extremely kind-hearted on IT SE. –  Feral Oink Nov 12 '13 at 2:30
Oh! I'm sorry! I just realized that this was you security.stackexchange.com/a/3839/3607 –  Feral Oink Nov 12 '13 at 2:33

If you are able to use Spring Security we have a plugin which offers two factor authentication (physical and soft tokens) - www.cloudseal.com

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We have API packages for Java (and php, ruby, python, and C#): http://www.wikidsystems.com/downloads/network-clients for the WiKID Strong Authentication system. These packages are LGPL, so you can also use them in commercial products. They work with both our open-source community version and the commercial Enterprise version.



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