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In my self host server, I config NServiceBus in this way:

                .XmlSerializer() // or BinarySerializer()

It threw null reference exception at: src\impl\Sagas\NServiceBus.Sagas.Impl\SagaMessageHandler.cs:line 168

, which I figured it is because of missing saga persister.

In generic host, by passing "NServiceBus.Lite" from command line, the in-memory persister is used. How do I configure the self-host server to use in-memory saga persister?


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In 2.0 the InMemorySagapersister was part of the host. So if you're on 2.0 I suggest that you either copy and paste the persister to your own project or add a reference to the host.

The persister is configured by adding:

.InMemorySagaPersister() to your config call.

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Thanks! I had to use the following to make it work: Configure.Instance.Configurer.ConfigureComponent<InMemorySagaPersister>(Componen‌​tCallModelEnum.Singleton); –  Zhen.Lee Sep 13 '10 at 20:38

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