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I am trying to highlight the row and column which the mouse is on. Essentially this means to change the background color of all the appropriate cells. Currently I am trying to do this in the MouseMove event. However, this is causing slow performance.

I was suggested to use WPF for better performance, however I do not wish to go that route. What are some ways in which I can improve performance within C#?

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Try the CellMouseEnter event; it fires only once each time the mouse moves over a new cell, unlike MouseMove, and it doesn't require clicking on the cell to fire the event. You should probably handle the CellMouseEnter (for highlighting the new cell), CellMouseLeave(for un-highlighting the old cell) and possibly the Leave event of the entire DGV (to make sure all cells are unhighlighted).

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You can use DataGridView.RowEnter Event which occurs only when a new row becomes active. The msdn links shows exactly the same sample you are trying to accomplish.

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But this is only for when the mouse is clicked on a new row. I need to track the mouse as it moves. – sbenderli Sep 13 '10 at 18:23

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