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I remember looking at D about 2 years ago, and it looked nice, was actually faster than C for some of the typical language benchmarks, and in general seemed ok, but I didn't find any real projects written in D back then, so I just left as a I came.

Now that a few years have passed I was wondering if there have been any projects done in D, hopefully open source to look at the code and see how its going, or is D dead?

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Check the projects in DSource.

Give a look also to the DLinks page.

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On SourceForge, if you apply the filter "Require", "Programming language", "D", you get 113 hits, so it would seem so.

I've always been a bit worried about developing in D since I know little about this Digital Mars mob. Does D have a future outside of just piquing the interest of some nerds (using that term in a non-disparaging way)?

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Exactly my same concern. But then again I thought the same from C# :) –  Robert Gould Dec 16 '08 at 2:27
Well, MS is a slightly bigger beast than DigitalMars. But I'm still avoiding C# since Mono is not yet up to scratch and I need cross-platform capability. –  paxdiablo Dec 16 '08 at 2:38
Pax, you could look at the question, "Does the D programming language have a future?" for some answers. –  he_the_great Jan 10 '09 at 0:57

If you like games, check out Kento Cho at ABA Games (anything under Windows). His Windows games are written in D and demonstrate D with SDL.

His code is very, very nice to read. Highly recommended.

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look also at code.google.com for some more D projects.

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