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// My controller.
$marcas = ORM::Factory('marca')->
as_array('nome', 'nome');
array_unshift($marcas, '-- Selecione --');

// My view.
echo Form::select('marca', $marcas, '-- Selecione --')

Is there a faster way to add a default option in a select? Thank you.

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Is there any reason for '-- Selecione --' param in Form::select()? You should use array keys instead of values: Form::select('marca', $marcas, 0) –  biakaveron Sep 14 '10 at 5:50

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Your way looks pretty fast and elegant, using the existing framework functionality with some smart data to take advantage of it.

You could probably extend Form::select() with your own code if you want to have any customized behaviour not outright supported. I know Kohana strongly suggests extending its core classes, that but I haven't played with Kohana3 yet. In Kohana2 you'd do it as seen here. According to this tutorial for Kohana3 you'd do it similarly, but placing your new file in the application/classes folder.

A wild stab at guessing how this would work: create form.php in application/classes and enter:

class Form extends Form_Core {

    public static function select() {
         * Add the code from http://dev.kohanaframework.org/projects/kohana3-core/repository/revisions/master/entry/classes/kohana/form.php#L252
         * and change it slightly to also include a default value when writing out
         * the form, or even better via another optional function parameter
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Be careful though if you're using the array key for the database value eg as a lookup field. Array_unshift will renumber your elements so you may prefer Arr::unshift($marcas, '', '--Selecione--');.The other advantage is that returns the array, so you can use within the function call params rather than as a separate line

Refer Arr::unshift()

<?php echo Form::select('marcas', Arr::unshift($marcas, '', '--Selecione--') , false);?>
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