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I'm fairly new at ASP.netand picking up someonelse's code, please be kind :)

The project that I created and the one I copied do not see the functions in my datalayer.vb class. Is there something special in (add a reference?..etc) that I need to do to be able to have intellisense and for the functions to be seem in in my aspx pages?

Please advise Thanks Cin

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In your solution viewer, right click on the project, go to add > new item > and select class from the new item dialog.

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Here's what I tried, I added my class to the App_code, then app_data,then bin in all 3 I got cant find the file error. At the root I still get Name 'GetMember' is not declared (this is a function in my class. When I build/rebuild the site I get the error. Do I need to somehow compile the VB file? PS: I'm building a whole new project using this file, is there a reference I might need to add to use classes? – Cin Sep 13 '10 at 20:08

Depending on the kind of web project, you may need to either place the file in a special /App_Code folder or compile the project in Visual Studio and place the new dll file created in the /bin folder.

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Joel,What do you mean by depending on the kind of web project? I'm using Visual STudio 2008 and its 2.0 – Cin Sep 13 '10 at 19:17

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