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I have a function:

function QuerySMTPServer ([string]$strSMTPServerName) {
    # open up a socket to the SMTP server
    $socket = New-Object System.Net.Sockets.TCPClient
    $socket.connect($strSMTPServerName, 25)
    $socket # output for testing

    # read response data (should be a line starting with 220; cf. RFC821)
    $stream = $socket.getStream()
    $stream # output for testing

If I run the function and pass it our (well-configured and running) SMTP server address, the $socket and $stream objects that are outputted tell me I have 0 bytes available on the socket, and No data available on the stream:

PS C:\Users\dan.maftei\Documents> QuerySMTPServer ""

Client              : System.Net.Sockets.Socket
Available           : 0
Connected           : True
DataAvailable : False

However, there IS indeed data available, since I can create a byte array and read into it with the read() method off the $stream object. In fact this is precisely what I do in the remainder of the function, and it all works without error. (!)

Weirder yet, if I manually input into the PowerShell executable the exact same cmdlets my function calls, my $socket suddenly (and rightly) claims it has 79 bytes of data, and my $stream likewise says it has available data:

PS C:\Users\dan.maftei\Documents> $socket = New-Object System.Net.Sockets.TCPClient

PS C:\Users\dan.maftei\Documents> $socket.connect("", 25)

PS C:\Users\dan.maftei\Documents> $socket

Client              : System.Net.Sockets.Socket
Available           : 79
Connected           : True

PS C:\Users\dan.maftei\Documents> $stream = $socket.getStream()

PS C:\Users\dan.maftei\Documents> $stream

DataAvailable : True

What is going on?? Why do I get different objects if I run those very few cmdlets via the CLI as opposed to via the function? Why can I still read data off my $stream even though apparently it has none according to the output in the function?

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2nd post, by jrich: PS is hasty in scripts, it doesn't wait for remote data; making the script sleep for a second (which is probably overkill) fixes everything.

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