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I try to start my selenium test using command line but test are fired to http://mycomputer and not to http://mycomputer/myapplication

D:\projectsnet\Production\MyWebTests\tools\selenium-server>java -jar selenium-
server.jar -Dhttp.proxyHost=mycomputer -Dhttp.proxyport=4444 -htmlSuite "*firefox" "ht
tp://mycomputer/myapplication/" "D:\mypathtotestssuites\0001-testsuite.html" "c:\temp\result.html"

In test cases I have got link

<link rel="selenium.base" href="http://mycomputer/myapplication/" />
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This is by design.

If you are doing development against http://mycomputer/myapplication/ then I would recommend that you do http://mycomputer as your baseURL and then add

open | /myapplication/

To the top of your tests.

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