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I need to plot some 2d (y=f(x)) and 3d (real z=f(x,y), not just 3d-looking) datasets, as well as graphs (directed and not) from my Scala (2.8) application. Currently I am going to output charts data to text files and use external charting applications (like SciDAVis). But maybe there are more convenient and automated solutions available in Scala? Some native Scala solutions, bindings to external charting systems, Java libraries wrappers, etc? As Scala is a pretty convenient for scientific purposes, I can suppose there probably are. Do you know of any?

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Scalala uses JFreeChart very nicely - if you use it that way you dont have to deal with JFreeChart directly:

val x = linspace(0,1);
plot(x, x :^ 2)
plot(x, x :^ 3, '.')
xlabel("x axis")
ylabel("y axis")

Just like matlab. No 3d plots as far as i can tell though.


  • Scalala has been superseded by Breeze
  • A thinner wrapper lib now exists in scala-chart
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I use scalala+jfree for 2D, and code.google.com/p/jzy3d for 3D. – retronym Sep 14 '10 at 5:53
Just like matlab? So it also uses an implicit state for the current figure? Oh, no… – Debilski Sep 14 '10 at 11:40

Scalala is not actively maintained and has been migrated under Breeze. As the About page of ScalaNLP puts it:

Breeze is the merger of the ScalaNLP and Scalala projects, because one of the original maintainers is unable to continue development. The Scalala parts are largely rewritten.

As far the charting part of Scalala goes, it's there under Breeze - actually extracted in a separate project Breeze-Viz.

Another alternative is Scala-Chart that wraps JFreeChart.

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Breeze-viz works very well, as long as you have a GUI. But sadly it does not work in headless mode, e.g., if you want to run on a server through ssh. – Tobber Mar 4 '15 at 15:47

Since Scala is compatible with Java (and produce Java bytecode), you can use the JFreeChart library.

JFreeChart is a great Java chart API, but I am not sure whether JFreeChart can produce real 3D charts.

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