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I'm trying to do some eager loading on an EF Entity.

so, if the entity is called Orders .. then I guess i would do the following...

_someContext.Orders.Include("Whatever") ....

But the problem is, I have a method like the following ...

public IQueryable<Order> Find(Expression<Func<Order, bool>> predicate)
    return CurrentContext.Orders.Where(predicate);

which works great .. but can i leverage the Expression predicate to include the Include("whatever") in there, instead of having to add another method parameter?

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I don't think so. Since the predicate and ObjectQuery.Where Method in genral has nothing to do with eager loading by Include. You can create a extension method though, but that does not save you from having yet another parameter for specifying the include:

public IQueryable<Order> Find(Expression<Func> predicate, string include) {
    return CurrentContext.Orders.Where(predicate, include);

public static ObjectQuery<T> Where<T>(this ObjectQuery<T> entity, Expression<Func<T, bool>> predicate, string include) {
    return (ObjectQuery<T>)entity.Include(include).Where<T>(predicate);
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Yeah -this was what i did a few hours ago .. sorta. I didn't bother with the extension method but just went ahead and did added another string[] includeAssociations parameter to my Find(..) method(s). –  Pure.Krome Sep 14 '10 at 5:59

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