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I have a program that composites the pages of a PDF into a single image with each page stacked on top of each the previous one. The program works fine, but the font rendering quality is much lower when run from anything but a Snow Leopard system. In Leopard, the text looks jagged and not antialiased properly. Does anyone know a fix for this? Here is my code.

NSString* path = [[oPanel filenames] objectAtIndex: 0];
NSPDFImageRep *pdf = [NSPDFImageRep imageRepWithContentsOfFile: path];

int pageHeight = 765;
int pageWidth = 990;
int pages = [pdf pageCount];
int height = pageHeight * pages;

NSImage *compositeImage = [[NSImage alloc] initWithSize:NSMakeSize(pageWidth, height)];
[compositeImage lockFocus];

for (int i = 0; i < pages; i++) {
    [pdf setCurrentPage: i];

    NSImage *page = [[NSImage alloc] init];
    [page addRepresentation:pdf];

    NSSize size = [pdf bounds].size;
    int width = round(pageHeight * size.width / size.height);

    [page drawInRect: NSMakeRect(0, height - pageHeight * (i + 1), width, pageHeight) 
            fromRect: NSZeroRect 
           operation: NSCompositeSourceOver 
            fraction: 1.0];

    [page release];

[compositeImage unlockFocus];

NSBitmapImageRep *rep = [NSBitmapImageRep imageRepWithData: [compositeImage TIFFRepresentation]];
NSData *imageData = [rep representationUsingType: NSJPEGFileType properties: nil];
[imageData writeToFile:@"/Users/devongovett/Desktop/out.jpg" atomically: YES];
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I'm not sure it's valid to send init to an NSImage. Try using initWithSize:. You might also try not rounding the width—use a CGFloat there and cut out the round call. –  Peter Hosey Sep 14 '10 at 4:29
@Peter thanks for the suggestions, but that didn't seem to help with my rendering issue. –  devongovett Sep 15 '10 at 1:09

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