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The Network.Browser documentation says that the module supports the following:

  • HTTP Authentication handling
  • Transparent handling of redirects
  • Cookie stores + transmission.
  • Transaction logging Proxy-mediated connections.

To me, it sounds like the beginnings of a browser that lets me crawl web pages, handling authenciation into web sites, cookies, etc.

However, the module comes with zero example code, instructions or tutorials. I cannot figure out how to use it.

Can someone give an example of how it might be used to 1) go to a web site, 2) log into it, and 3) download a file that requires you to be logged in?

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I'd suggest to take a look at Network.Curl as well.

To answer your question, here is an example (taken from

import Data.IORef
import Network.HTTP
import Network.Browser
import Network.URI
import Data.Maybe
import Control.Monad
import Data.List
import Text.Regex.TDFA
import Control.Concurrent

pageUrl off = URI "http:" (Just $ URIAuth "" "" "") "/dosearch.php" ("?todo=search&sec=adv&age1=15&age2=18&sex[]=FEMALE&lfor[]=lfor_email&lfor[]=lfor_snail&lfor[]=lfor_langex&lfor[]=lfor_friend&lfor[]=lfor_flirt&lfor[]=lfor_relation&countries[]=AT&countries[]=DE&countries[]=CH&state=&languages[]=any&keywords=&sort=p.last_login+DESC&offset="++(show off)) ""

getPage     :: URI -> BrowserAction (HandleStream [Char]) String
getPage uri = do
    setErrHandler $ const $ return ()
    setOutHandler $ const $ return ()
    (_,s) <- request $ Request (uri) GET
        [Header HdrCookie "__ubic1=MTE3ODM0NDM0MTRjN2RkYTA1OTAzMmU4LjkxODE1Njk2; __utma=46363135.421215970.1283316265.1283538085.1283541700.10; __utmz=46363135.1283316265.1.1.utmccn=(direct)|utmcsr=(direct)|utmcmd=(none); __utmc=46363135; PHPSESSID=59a130c66d4853f85289852f15cefa3a; resolution=1920x1080; ip_auto_login[login]=cap11235; ip_auto_login[password_md5]=NDM0NWM0NDlkZTg4MjRkMWVhZmJmZWNiZTQwOWQ4YTE%3D; __utmb=46363135"] ""
    return $ rspBody s

getPeople :: Int -> BrowserAction (HandleStream [Char]) ([String], Int)
getPeople off = do
    s <- getPage (pageUrl off)
    let t = (s=~"<a href='/([^?.]+)\\?")::[[String]]
    let next = if length t > 0 then off+10 else 0
    return (nub $ map (!!1) t, next)

personUrl :: String -> URI
personUrl name = fromJust $ parseURI (""++name)

viewPerson :: String -> BrowserAction (HandleStream [Char]) ()
viewPerson name = do
    _ <- getPage $ personUrl name
    return ()

doCycle :: IORef (Int, Int) -> IO ()
doCycle r = do
    (count, off) <- readIORef r
    (people, newOff) <- browse $  getPeople off
    mapM_ (forkIO . browse . viewPerson) people
    let newCount = count + (length people)
    writeIORef r (newCount, if newOff<2000 then newOff else 0)
    print newCount
    doCycle r

main = do
    t <- newIORef (0,0)
    doCycle t
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