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Can you please share a good Android tutorial with step by step basic programs.

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Idea + Maven tutorial: andromeda.webuda.com/andromeda-tutorial-basic-maven.html –  alexey28 Aug 26 at 5:07
ADT (Eclipse) tutorial: andromeda.webuda.com/andromeda-tutorial-basic-adt.html –  alexey28 Aug 26 at 5:08

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You can find quality tutorials at Commonsware's Android Programming Tutorials

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Also, check this out if you want to read tutorials on building pro Android apps step by step. The tutorial on building first Android app will get you started if you're an Android newbie. –  appsroxcom Jul 13 at 16:13

There are several tutorials at developer.android.com which are good place to start.

The Notepad tutorial shows you how to build up a simple notepad application.

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Have a look at http://androidjava.wordpress.com/. I stopped blogging due to lack of interest. But maybe it is a start for your journey to Android development.


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Here is the Hello World tutorial on developer.android.com. I think it is helpful

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