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l =  [{'name': 'abc', 'marks': 50}, {'name': 'abc', 'marks': 50}]

I want to uniqify the dictionary result.

 result = [{'name': 'abc', 'marks': 50}]
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So, is not it the same you asked before?… –  dmitko Sep 14 '10 at 8:17

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Normally, the easiest way to make a list only have unique elements is to convert it to a set, assuming:

  • The list entries are hashable
  • You don't care about the order of the items

However, a dict isn't hashable so in your case it might be easiest just to this by hand:

>>> l =  [{'name': 'abc', 'marks': 50}, {'name': 'abc', 'marks': 50}]
>>> l2 = []
>>> for d in l:
...     if not d in l2:
...         l2.append(d)
>>> l2
[{'name': 'abc', 'marks': 50}]

The code above assumes you want to "uniquify" based on exactly matching dict items. For example, if you have two items with the same name but different marks they will both be added to the list.

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