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Is it possible to access a USB drive or Flash card without using the drive letter that Windows assigns it? I thought I read somewhere that the Volume GUID or something can be used but will that allow me to open it up in explorer once I identify it? The reason this is important to me is because there may not be enough drive letters to handle the number of drives so I want to be able to still access them.

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Here you go:

MOUNTVOL C:\USB: \\?\Volume{ebc79032-5270-11d8-a724-806d6172696f}\
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If you are using NTFS, You can create 'volume mount points' in Windows. (Similar to *NIX, if you have used that).

Mount points make a folder on your filesystem (your C drive, say) point to another volume, so "C:\usb1" could actually contain the contents of a USB drive.

There are a couple of articles on the Microsoft site which should point you on your way: How to create and use mounted drives About Volume Mount Points

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Propably this will help you too:

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