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The only thing that exists in Eclipse, which I miss in IntelliJ IDEA is "save actions" - possibility to do some actions (usually formatting) when a file is saved.

Is there some plugin or configuration for IDEA which enables such functionality?

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possible duplicate of Intellij reformat on file save –  romaintaz Nov 8 '10 at 17:22
I complelty agree that it is a missing (and so basic) feature in IntelliJ. Another one is the intelligent insertion of { and ; in Eclipse (Java > Editor > Typing > Automatically insert at correct position) –  romaintaz Nov 8 '10 at 17:23

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It doesn't exist as in Eclipse, but you can format your code on commit, and the shortcut ctrl+alt+L will allow you to format easily your code.
After a time formatting the code will be a reflex and you won't even think about it.

On the same topic :

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The point of this question is that Eclipse does it automatically so you literally don't have to think about it compared to IntelliJ where you have to develop a reflex. I agree with the question that this is something IntelliJ really needs to have –  Richard Dec 13 '11 at 13:46

There is something similar - possibility to do some actions, when a file is committed. In a file commit window there is a "Before commit" section which contains checkboxes like "optimize imports", "Reformat code", etc.

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I think it might break the philosophy that JetBrains have. Nothing should be done unless the user/developer requests it (and no Wizards). So you are stuck with Ctrl-Alt-L or just indent Ctrl-Alt-I. I personally only use the latter since the code usually formats itself as you type.

Also Idea saves files as soon as you leave window or (I think) wait for a certain time, this might really mess up things.

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See here: Intellij reformat on file save.

The answer I linked to explains in a few easy steps how to record a macro for optimize imports and reformat and then run that macro when you save your files (bind it to Ctrl+S).

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You may use a Macro to simulate save actions:

Edit --> Macros --> Start Macro Recording

==> now execute all actions you need (e.g. reformat, rearrange, optimize imports)

Edit --> Macros --> Stop Macro Recording

Give your new Macro a name. You can also assign a shortcut to your macro. Just enter it's name in the settings search and you will find it under Macro.

Have fun!

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