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I had a win7 x64 box with a local Sharepoint 2010 installed on an SQLEXPRESS DB.

Last week I also installed an SQL 2008 R2 instance with integration and analysis services next to the existing database.

Because I had issues deploying analysis services solutions, I messed around quite some with the SQL Services Accounts. Eventually I got it to work and managed to deploy a analysis service solution.

Today I went back in my local sharepoint and tried to add a new document library. This gave error 0x80131904 which is an SQL error usually related to rights.

I figure I messed up one (or more) of the services too much and made them incompatible with the sharepoint setup.

I'm no hero when it comes to security and configuration so I'm asking some advice on things I can try to solve this issue..

This is a screenshot of the SQL related services that I played around with last week.

alt text

I have already played around with the accounts today but as I said before, I don't really know what I'm doing. I have also tried restarting the app pool and the application in IIS.

Any advice is welcome about which service could cause this problem and what else I can try. Thank you.

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The problem was that my local sharepoint runs on an MS SQL server Express edition and the content database was full.. I had been testing an import of a huge amount of documents.

You can upgrade the database to a full edition or manually run a DELETE statement on tables AllDocs and AllDocStreams.

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