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I would like to ask you how in PostgreSQL can you check if one of boolean values in table's column is true using select or aggregate function?


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You can't use SUM(DATA) but you could cast the value (see below) to int (0=false, 1=true). However it may be more efficient to use EXISTS(...), specially if you are not interested in the number of TRUE values.

create table test(data boolean);
insert into test values(true), (false);
select sum(cast(data as int)) from test;
select exists(select * from test where data);
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Be precisely: select exists(select * from test where data='true'); It works! Thanks for your reply. –  gohohgle Sep 14 '10 at 11:06
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To know whether there is at least 1 true value:

select sum(cast(data as int)) > 0

This is better than the exists solution because it can be embedded into a larger query, maybe containing group by and other where clauses

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