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I need write a regular expression for RegularExpressionValidator ASP.NET Web Controls.

The regular expression should ALLOW all alphabetic characters but not numbers or special characters (example: |!"£$%&/().

Any idea how to do it?

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validates a string of length 1 or greater, consisting only of ASCII letters.


does the same for international letters, too.


[^   # match any character that is NOT a
\W   # non-alphanumeric character (letters, digits, underscore)
\d   # digit
_    # or underscore
]    # end of character class

Effectively, you get \w minus (\d and _).

Or, you could use the fact that ASP.NET supports Unicode properties:


validates a string of Unicode letters of length 1 or more.

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Including spaces:

"^[a-zA-Z ]*$"

Excluding Spaces:


To make it non-optional, change the * to a +

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You can use the regex:



  • ^ : Start anchor
  • [..] : Char class
  • + : one or more repetations
  • $ : End anchor
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