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I am using Javascript to display an 8*8 grid in a Sharepoint page. The code basically fetches the data from an array, creates a table with the data and adds it to the page when it first loads. It also adds onmouseout and onmouseover attributes to each cell of the table, which call 2 different Javascript functions:

  1. to add a description to a div underneath the table
  2. to remove the description

This Javascript performs fast on a simple HTML page and it works great in all browsers. Then I try to test it to our Sharepoint site and notice the following:

  1. On our reference environment the Javascript performs as expected: fast (even in IE7)
  2. On our production environment the Javascript is extremely sluggish on IE7 (not the MF3 or IE8). However, other parts of the page are slow too! If I hover on top of a link in takes some noticeable time before it is underlined. I removed the Javascript, and the results were almost similar.

What I do not understand, is whether the major problem is the Javascript itself OR our Sharepoint implementation (since we have different performance results in the two environments)?

I use some jQuery methods for simplicity:

//$str = the string that contains the HTML code for the table
function printTable(){

function HideContent(d) {

function ShowContent(d) {
    //fetch data from array and then append

Thank you for your time.

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That JavaScript is definatly NOT the problem. As to what is, I cannot awnser that, might be sharepoint, might be other code, might be plugins in the IE7 browser, might just about be anything really... – BGerrissen Sep 14 '10 at 11:02
At my last job we hit this same issue. Any browser running our script not in sharepoint = fine. Any browser except IE7 running our script in sharepoint = fine. IE7 running our script in sharepoint = molasses. I don't know if we ever did figure it out. – Matt Greer Sep 14 '10 at 14:03

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