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I'm trying to update email address of a contact from phonebook. But I'm not able to update and getting an empty values error on :

  updateValues.put(People.ContactMethods.DATA, newEmail);
  updateValues.put(People.ContactMethods.ISPRIMARY, 1); 
  getContentResolver().update(People.CONTENT_URI, updateValues, People.ContactMethods._ID+"=?", new String[] {this.personIndex});

where updateValues is ContentValues and personIndex is index of person for whom I have to update. and I have also called updateValues.clear(); before putting al these values. With the same personIndex values I have updated phone number of the contact succesfully. But not able to update email address.

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I've exactly the same problem with the people name. (but it works in 1.6) –  Arutha Nov 12 '10 at 11:32

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