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I would like to use an annotation that marked the result of a method call as cacheable. When provided it would use a caching provider to cache the output for the given input. For example:

public Bar doExpensiveCalculation(Foo foo) {
    Bar bar = jiggeryPokeryWith(foo);
    return bar;


Foo foo1 = new Foo(...);
Foo foo2 = new Foo(...);

Bar bar1 = doExpensiveCalculation(foo1);
Bar bar2 = doExpensiveCalculation(foo2);
Bar bar3 = doExpensiveCalculation(foo1);
// no calculation done on previous line, cached result == bar1

At the end of this example the cache would contain

{doExpensiveCalculation(foo1) -> bar1, 
 doExpensiveCalculation(foo2) -> bar2}

I am sure this is possible using AOP. As Spring does both AOP and caching, it seems it would be a natural fit for this use case.

Does such a feature exist?

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This module has what you want. (But it is actually pretty straightforward to implement)

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Perfect, thanks. –  Synesso Sep 14 '10 at 11:18

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