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I have created a google-app-engine Java project in Eclipse using Google's Eclipse plugin. I had tried to deploy my application using terminal as follows:

~$ appcfg.py update /home/crimson/Music/Testing5/InitialData/

But it shows the following error:

appcfg.py: command not found

How to solve this?

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If you are using linux try this following step :

  1. Go to your appengine-sdk/bin
  2. type chmod u+x appcfg.sh
  3. run this command --> sh appcfg.sh rollback [your app war path location]
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If you developed a Java application using Google App Engine, you shouldn't use appcfg.py, that is meant for Python projects. See the documentation of Google App Engine for more details on how to deploy a Java-based project. In a nutshell, you will need appcfg.sh if you are on Linux or Mac OS X, or appcfg.cmd if you are on Windows.

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