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How I use it:

NPNetscapeFuncs* NPNFuncs;

// ...

timerID = NPNFuncs->scheduletimer(GetNPPInstance(), Interval, 1, Function);

At the same time, my plugin work properly both in Safari and Google Chrome.

Firefox version: 3.6.9

Mac OS X version: 10.6.4

Crash report: http://crash-stats.mozilla.com/report/index/d1b471c6-4a03-4536-8177-c50e02100914

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I have looked through mozilla firefox 3.6.9 sources and discovered neither mozilla-1.9.2/modules/plugin/base/public/npapi.h nor mozilla-1.9.2/embedding/browser/activex/src/pluginhostctrl/pluginsdk_include/npapi.h doesn't contain this function.

Also I have discovered these two files has different NP_VERSION_MINOR values. Public header assigns 22, but embedded assigns 11. Is it a bug?

Firefox 4.0b6 supports this function and assigns 25 to NP_VERSION_MINOR in /modules/plugin/base/public/npapi.h. Activex version is 11.

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