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I am using a DropDownList as


and when I select item from dropdown the DataTextField should be displayed in the textfield. For that i am using following javascript:

function LocationChange()
  document.getElementById ("ctl00_mainContent_ctl02_txtEventLocation").value = document.getElementById ('ctl00_mainContent_ctl02_ddlLocationName')[document.getElementById ('ctl00_mainContent_ctl02_ddlLocationName').selectedIndex].value     

It works fine when dropdown's DataValueField is not used. But how to do desired task when DataValueField property of dropdown is also used?

Thanks in advance.

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Why asp tag of dropdown is not displayed in question? Can anyone tell me please how to display that tag? –  Devashri Dec 16 '08 at 10:53
Have a read of the wiki on formatting. You probably didn't wrap it in the appropriate code block. I edited to put the JS function into code appropriately for readability. –  Aaron Powell Dec 16 '08 at 10:56

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The DataValueField will populate the html <option /> tags value property, while the DataTextField will populate the text property.

When you don't specify a DataValueField the DataTextField is used for both (and vice-versa IIRC).

So in JavaScript you'll want to have the following (note - I'm using the MS AJAX shorthand where $get === document.getElementById):

function LocationChange(){
  var ddl = $get('dropDownListId');
  var selectedOption = ddl.options[ddl.selectedIndex];
  var selectedText = selectedOption.text;
  var selectedValue = selectedOption.value;

  alert('Your option has a text property of ' + selectedText + ' and a value property of ' + selectedValue');

Then you can do what ever you want with the results, such as putting them into a text box.

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Thanks for your replys. I found answer.

function LocationChange()
    document.getElementById ("ctl00_mainContent_ctl02_txtEventLocation").value = document.getElementById ('ctl00_mainContent_ctl02_ddlLocationName')[document.getElementById ('ctl00_mainContent_ctl02_ddlLocationName').selectedIndex].innerText
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Good solution, I think you have found when you see rendered html –  Muhammad Akhtar Jun 7 '09 at 8:09

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