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Hello all i have problem in admin site in WordPress. Looks on not working jQuery there. alt text

i use hosting from maybe this is a main problem.

Here is full resolution screend: link text

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If you are preferring a good free host without ads,, then i would suggest They provide a very good server and one click install of modules like wordpress and many open source system.. But you need to pay if you want your own domain name... Check out it ..

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thanks for site. There all working – WooCaSh Sep 19 '10 at 13:34

Probably you include your js file in admin and you are not supposed to.

If you use wp_enqueue_script (and if you don't, you should!) or any other functions.php method just make sure you don't include files when you are in admin area:

// load scripts here

Also, you are trying to compress all js files in one big file? If yes, you may reconsider this, as admin. :)

Btw, are you working on something like this?

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Thank a lot with help but i install WordPress from script. I dont doing anything manually. – WooCaSh Sep 14 '10 at 15:36

Yore problem isn't including or not including admin JS files or using a plugin to minify; it's the free hosting. Spend a few dollars on webhosting and WordPress will work fine. Free hosting will always be problematic.

GoDaddy's free hosting works well, but will also create problems with WP's admin. But you can work around that with details in this thread:

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I'd look at what other plugins are installed. Those errors are coming from the standard set of WordPress scripts so I'd wager that there's bad code somewhere in a plugin file.

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