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I'm trying to use s3cmd on ubuntu 10.04 to sync with a local folder. This is working great for getting the contents from the local drive out to S3. However, I want the file ACL to be "public", yet all the files are coming through without it.

In my .s3cfg file, I set:

acl_public = True

I've tried:

s3cmd sync -P --delete-removed "$TARGETFOLDER" "s3://$BUCKET/"

I've also tried:

s3cmd sync --acl-public --delete-removed "$TARGETFOLDER" "s3://$BUCKET/"

And, for kicks, also tried this:

s3cmd sync -P --acl-public --delete-removed "$TARGETFOLDER" "s3://$BUCKET/"

Any ideas?


I have set the ACL on the target bucket as Read/Write/Full-Control for authenticated users and administrator, and read-only for Everyone.

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Problem solved. Turns out the files were accessible all along and being set as "public-read", but S3 Organizer in Firefox was not reflecting this through the ACL permissions popup window.

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Could you clarify which of the 3 commands you tried worked with setting the permissions? I don't want to put acl_public = True in my .s3cfg because that would make every command use acl_public for everything. –  Michael Butler May 14 '14 at 3:26

I tried it out right now. Making things public while synching can definitely be achieved with the acl-public option:

s3cmd sync --acl-public s3://source-bucket/ s3://target-bucket/
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