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I have a Excel file that I have to read the file and go line by line and check the first column. Here is an example of the column headers

ISBN#13 Run Date    Title   Author  Type

So I have to check each ISBN#13 and determine if it is an isbn#13, format it and write the whole line to a file. Then take all the ones that are not ISBN#13 and write them to a file.

So the question is how do I check the column "ISBN#13" and how do I write each row to a file. It would be another excel file.

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-1 this question has been answered many many times... please search for "java excel"... – Rodney Gitzel Sep 14 '10 at 16:43

You might want to check Reading Excel using Apache POI for this.

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Take a look at this project and related documentation:

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There is also xslx4j (part of docx4j) if you are working with xlsx only (ie not the legacy binary .xls) and prefer to use jaxb

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