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I need to migrate a database from Postgres 7 to SQL Server 2008. I am familiar with the SSIS Import and Export wizard but I am stumped about how to define the data source or define the data provider.

What is the best way to migrate Postgres to SQL Server, and how do I define data sources/drivers for postgres?

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You'd choose SQL Server Native Client from the DataSources dropdown. I'm guessing Postgres needs the odbc provider but I don't know how to implement it – reach4thelasers Sep 14 '10 at 16:58
How are you connecting to Postgres currently? You don't have an ODBC data source for postgres set up yet? Yeah, you need that. – JohnB Sep 14 '10 at 17:01
Question 1: Why on earth would anybody want to do this ? Doing that is not only economic suicide, it's technical suicide as well. – Stefan Steiger Oct 21 at 17:15

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I wish you the best of luck in trying to import from PostgreSQL into SQL Server using SQL Server Import and Export Wizard. However, I have read numerous message board threads with people having trouble getting it to work. For example:

Here is the most helpful thread that I have found on the topic:

To help someone who might be trying to achieve similar goal as mine. Instead of selecting the “PostgreSQL OLE DB Provider” in the data source drop down menu of SQL Server Import and Export Wizard, select “.Net Framework Data Provider for Odbc”

Then you have to make a DSN and provide a ConnectionString. Following ConnectionString worked for me


To make a DSN you have to go into Administrative Toolsà Data Sources (ODBC) and create a user DSN. Once this is done you can supply the DSN name in the DSN text box of SQL Server Import and Export Wizard.

One commenter claimed that it worked, but that he got "Out of memory while reading tuples" errors on big tables. So for tables with more than 3 million rows, he had to break the import up into 3 million row chunks.

Also, there's a link to the native .NET provider for PostgreSQL in that thread.

Personally, if this is something that I only had to do once, and if I understood the schema and the data fairly well, I would try:

  1. export the data from PostgreSQL as flat files
  2. create the schema in SQL Server (without PKs or constraints)
  3. use the SSIS Import/Export Wizard to import the flat files
  4. then create PKs and necessary constraints

It might take you less time to do the above than messing with SSIS Import/Export Wizard and PostgreSQL for days (but it would be nice if those tools worked!)

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I just tried to import my tables as CSV files to SQL Server 2005 and noticed that the CSV import is buggy as hell. I just couldn't make it work due to various issues. PostgreSQL imported the same files without any problems just like that. – juzzlin Mar 20 '14 at 17:13

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