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I am trying to build the RabbitMQ PHP wrapper and the AMPQ PHP wrapper on Windows (64) using Cygwin. I have successfully built the underlying C library (librabbitmq.dll) but I am stuck at the 'phpize' step:

phpize && ./configure --with-rabbit && make && sudo make install

If I understand correctly, there is no 'phpize' on windows, so how do I build my PHP wrapper?

Note that I'm totally new to building PHP extensions (be it on linux or windows).

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This is totally not supported. PHP is designed to be compiled with GNUmake on UNIX/POSIX systems and Visual C++ on Windows systems.

Your only option, really, is to download Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express (2010 is not certified to work at present, to my knowledge).

You can then link to dlls compiled using mingw in your own custom extension. Try this Stack Overflow guide: From MinGW static library (.a) to Visual Studio static library (.lib).

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OK, it's not as bad as I feared then. I'll try this right now. – dimdm Sep 15 '10 at 7:37
This may have improved in more recent versions of PHP. I know that people like @PierreJoye are working on making PHP a first class citizen on Windows. Unfortunately I seldom use PHP these days so I am unsure what the current situation is... – dimdm Feb 3 '12 at 9:01
I can confirm, sadly, that as of February 2012, this is still very much an issue. If in doubt, just pick your random PHP extension and attempt compiling in 2010. – Theodore R. Smith Feb 3 '12 at 23:39

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