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I was told of a service, that for a fee gives you access to an API that posts to all social networks (facebook, twitter, linkedin) etc. I was hoping someone knows who it is because I can not remember.

share|improve this question is one. – Shaji Sep 14 '10 at 18:01
Annoying, I'd say. I guess it's bound to happen with many separate social networks but personally I get very sick of seeing the exact same posting in several places. YMMV. – markdrayton Sep 14 '10 at 18:49

Look for projects like: OpenSocial

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I am using, but there are others like this: Google e.g. "AddToAny comparison".

These are not really API's. They are services and you add JavaScript to your web page that then uses these services. So it is not really what you asked... But they are the easiest way to let a web user to post your page on many different social media sites, so I thought it just might be what you want.

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I've used Posterous to do this in the past from our CMS. You'd have to see if it would work for your needs since it does a lot more than just autopost to social networks.

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