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I'm working with BlueZ 3.x. I have a linux embedded device and I need to send and receive files using the bluetooth technology, with Obex. (Note: BlueZ 4.x doesn't even compile on our specific platform.)

I don't need PIN authentication, I even don't want it. It must remain as simple as possible for the end user.

I tried to set security none in hcid.conf but it doesn't seem to work.

So my question is:

  1. Is it possible to send &/ receive files using Obex on bluetooth?
  2. How to do it?
  3. Does bluetooth devices (e.g. mobile phone) requires authentication?
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I've read that some phones ask for a PIN Code anyway. – Tangui Oct 13 '10 at 7:52

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  1. You can use the OBEX protocoll for that, but you will also need the FTP or OPP profile (And GOEP, SPP & GAP since they depend on them)
  2. The documentation can be found on BT SIG, but you will have to be a member. I think some of the documentation is available to non members as well, go there and have a look.
  3. Yes (if we are only talking about mobile phones)
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