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I have several excel files that use lots of comments for saving information. For example, one cell has value 2 and there is a comment attached to the cell saying "2008:2#2009:4". it seems that value 2 is for the current year (2010) value. The comment keeps all previous year values separated by '#'. I would like to create a dictionary to keep all this info like {2008:2, 2009:4, 2010:2} but I don't know how to parse (or read) this comment attached to the cell. Python excel readin module has this function (reading in comment)?

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Normally for reading from Excel, I would suggest using xlrd, but xlrd does not support comments. So instead use the Excel COM object:

from win32com.client import Dispatch
xl = Dispatch("Excel.Application")
xl.Visible = True
wb = xl.Workbooks.Open("Book1.xls")
sh = wb.Sheets("Sheet1")
comment = sh.Cells(1,1).Comment.Text()

And here's how to parse the comment:

comment = "2008:2#2009:4"
d = {}
for item in comment.split('#'):
    key, val = item.split(':')
    d[key] = val

Often, Excel comments are on two lines with the first line noting who created the comment. If so your code would look more like this:

comment = """Steven:
_, comment = comment.split('\n')
d = {}
for item in comment.split('#'):
    key, val = item.split(':')
    d[key] = val
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This is surprisingly clean. The only problem is that it requires you to have Excel installed. Is there a way to do this with LibreOffice? Bonus points if it works on Linux. –  thirtythreeforty Sep 10 '14 at 1:34

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