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I have installed Tortoise SVN and AnkhSVN, but neither one shows up in my SQL Server Management Studio 2005 under the Source Code Control options.

I know they work because all my Visual Studio projects are working fine.

Do I have to do install a different SVN client to integrate to SQL Server Management Studio?

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There's no SVN integration for SSMS from either TortoiseSVN or AnkhSVN. The only viable option is to use RedGate SQL Source Control. Or create a Database project in Visual Studio and keep all the scripts and structure in there, forcing all the developers modify those files first.

Personally, I use ScriptDB and run it on an hourly basis with svn auto-commit of changes made to the database so that I can keep track of what's changing.

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I use Agent SVN which is a MS-SCCI plug-in and it works fine with SSMS.

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+1 Makes working with SSMS and SVN a breeze. – high5 Jan 28 '13 at 22:56

Have you looked at Red Gate's SQL Server Managemnt Studio SVN client?

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