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Can you recommend any tool to migrate sources(with history) from TFS to SVN?

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Have you looked at tfs2svn?

tfs2svn is a Windows application that converts a Team Foundation Server (TFS) repository into a Subversion (SVN) repository, preserving the history, branches, and commit information.

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Using tfs2svn v1, I always get the first changeset migrated into svn but then the client just hangs and does not import anymore changesets from TFS. Anyone else experienced this with tfs2svn? –  LordHits Apr 1 '09 at 4:45
I was also unable to use it. It would error out on different changesets on different files with different errors. Never managed to get all the way through. –  Kevin Berridge Jul 10 '09 at 20:21
I successfully used tfs2svn to migrate a repository with over five years of history and nearly 21,000 changesets. I wrote about the challenges I encountered and how I overcame them at esmithy.net/2011/02/01/migrating-from-tfs-to-svn. –  Eric Smith Feb 4 '11 at 19:39

We are migrating TFS 2010 collections into svn. To make it work for us I needed to download and modify the source of TFS2SVN so that it understood the collections we had made.

At the moment I just hard coded the values because we are only going to use this twice. We modified tfs2svn\trunk\Colyar.SourceControl.Tfs2Svn\Tfs2SvnConverter.cs as follows

public Tfs2SvnConverter(string tfsPath, string svnPath, bool createSvnFileRepository, int fromChangeset, string workingCopyPath, string svnBinFolder, bool doInitialCheckout, string tfsUsername, string tfsPassword, string tfsDomain)
        ParsePaths(tfsPath, svnPath);
        this._tfsServer = "http://<tfs domain>:8080/tfs/<team project collection name>";
        this._tfsRepository = "<remote source location>"; // "$/<team project name>/..."
        //this._tfsExporter = new TfsExporter(this._tfsServer, this._tfsRepository, workingCopyPath, fromChangeset, tfsUsername, tfsPassword, tfsDomain);
        TfsClient.Provider.Connect(this._tfsServer, this._tfsRepository, workingCopyPath, fromChangeset, tfsUsername, tfsPassword, tfsDomain);

        this._svnImporter = new SvnImporter(this._svnRepository, workingCopyPath, svnBinFolder);
        _createSvnFileRepository = createSvnFileRepository;
        _doInitialCheckout = doInitialCheckout;
        _workingCopyPath = workingCopyPath;

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Did your solution work once you made the code change? According to sourceforge.net/projects/tfs2svn/forums/forum/772710/topic/… it looks like the code change didnt work for someone. –  tpinet Dec 19 '11 at 19:42

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