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What I want to do is check if my application has focus because if it is not then I will popup an Alert Window just over the Notification Area to display some message to the end user.

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Call Windows.GetForegroundWindow() and then pass the HWND to the Controls.FindControl() function. It will return a non-nil TWinControl pointer if the HWND belongs to your process. For example:

if FindControl(GetForegroundWindow()) <> nil then
  // has focus ...
  // does not have focus ...
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If your application consists of a single form, then

GetForegroundWindow = Handle

will suffice. The expression above is true if and only if the your form is the foreground window, that is, if keyboard focus belongs to a control on this form (or to the form itself).

If your application consists of a number of forms, simply loop through them and check if any of them matches GetForegroundWindow.

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A slight variation on Remys response is:

  Win: TWinControl;
  Win := FindControl(GetForegroundWindow);
  if Win <> nil then
//      StringGrid1.Row :=5;
//      StringGrid1.SetFocus;

compiled ok for me, but I found it unreliable during debug, the stringgrid.setfocus is called even when the window isn't focused causing an error.

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