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I've been developing a mobile app recently. The app is nearly finished with all features and it usually works fine when I test it.

However, sometimes when I navigate between forms, the app crashes: "Simulator.exe has stopped working..."

It doesn't occur on a specific form or place, but randomly, as far as I've observed. How do I track this down and debug?

  • the app is developed on the Bada platform for Samsung. But I don't think this is a platform specific question, so you can answer as if this was a question for any other mobile platform.

P.S Samsung recommends at least 1.4gb of ram for Bada sdk+ide, but the pc I'm testing on has only 768mb of ram. Is it possible that when creating objects, 'new' returns null because there isn't enough memory? How can I tell whether this is the case or not? Because 'new' is used countless times in the code.

EDIT!!! I've found the source of the error. I have a form with a map (deCarta-free version). If I try to navigate away from that form to another, while the advertisement at the top is still being loaded, then the app crashes. In other words, to navigate away from a form with maps, I have to wait until the ad image is loaded there.

Is this the expected behavior for forms with deCarta maps? Has anyone has came across such a problem before?

Thanks a lot.

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I believe its better to tag your question with the platform you're actually using - that will improve chances to get relevant answers –  Vladimir Sep 14 '10 at 20:47
Ok I just did, hoping to get more answers now! =) –  Murat Derya Özen Sep 15 '10 at 7:30

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