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I am attempting to write an app for the Android platform which is similar to a lot of code I have written in VB and C++. I plan on using sensor data from the device and doing calculations on that data. I am still working a lot of this, but wanted to know since I was going to need access to the motion sensors of the phone, where would be a good place to start reading? Specifically, is there some sort of predefined API, class or method already in place devoted to this? Are there places where clear documentation can be found? I am just trying to make sure I am not reinventing the wheel here.

General Idea is to pull movement sensor data very rapidly, and calculate average moves or "twitches" of the phone while in use for a phone call. (Obviously, when not on speaker phone.) This data is collected for the length of the call at intervals, then sent to an offsite storage server where it is mapped for average, and peak movement patterns. This will then be used to generate visual patterns from the elderly or neurological patients with tremors. This is similar to Intel's research on data from home phones, but applied with a targeted algorithm for discerning specific twitches and tremors from others over time, thus helping with diagnoses.

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Try starting here, and the look at the android API docs.

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