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I have another JSON array related question.

How would I access the data stored under "when": in this array if I am importing it with JQuery with a statement like this:

function getJSON() {
    function(data) {

Here is a snippet from my JSON:

                "body": "",
                "updated": "2010-06-25T09:53:50.868000",
                "distance": 27.679736723643234,
                "when": "lunchtime",
                "item_types": [
                "ccnt": 12,
                "loc": {
                    "lat": 37.774929499999999,
                    "lon": -122.4194155 
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But if you're producing that JSON, it's somewhat confusing. Do you need to have an array containing a string ("Soon") and another array?

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Thanks! that worked. It'll let me accept your answer in a couple of minutes –  Sachin Sep 14 '10 at 21:20
Thats what my django setup is spitting out in the dump. I wish it were different! "Soon" is just the title for a bunch of arrays that will be concatenated on to this one... for example: data[0][1][0,1,2,3...n] –  Sachin Sep 14 '10 at 21:31

so some of the items in the thing would alert as:(alerted value at the end in the comment)

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