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I have the following part of my xml:

<book number="AB 123" type="SCI">
    <type code="FIC"><![CDATA[Fiction]]></status>

If I do:

echo $key->info->type;

I get nice and easy "Fiction"

BUT if I do:

echo $key->info->publish-time;

I get "0".

I thought it might have to do with this (20090110214000) being a number, but I tried various ways to extract that but with no success. When I print_r I see the 20090110214000 just fine in there but why can I not get that value (as a number or string) to be echoed or assign it to a variable?

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What you do is $key->info->publish - time, basically a substraction of an undefined value minus an unknown constant (results in 0).

Use $key->info->{'publish-time'} to retrieve the correct value.

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Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet! Thanks a lot!! –  Mark Sep 14 '10 at 23:32

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