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OK, I've bound an asp:Treeview control to a sitemap datasource, but I can't figure out any of the options ... All I want it to do is:

  1. Load "closed" - that is with all nodes collapsed
  2. close all other nodes when a new one is opened
  3. Stay open the way it was on the previous page
  4. Give me the option of changing the open/closed/empty images

Is that too much to ask? Shouldn't the basic .NET control do that so I don't have to go find a 3rd-party one? Am I just not getting it? Can I configure it to do those things?

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Is this actually an ASP.NET MVC site? You don't use the classic ASP.NET controls, such as asp:TreeView with an MVC site. –  Jason Berkan Oct 7 '10 at 17:22

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As per my comment, if this is a MVC site, then it looks like a jQuery based menu is the solution.

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