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I have done jailbreaking. After jailbreaking I don't know how to install my helloworld program on my iPhone. Plz can anyone tell me the easiest way of installing / deploying my own program / app on my my iphone (hardware) step by step? Plz I m very much confused. plz ....

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If you are registered with ADC you should have no problem running to device, even if it is jailbroken. – ing0 Sep 27 '10 at 13:19

Check this out, Developing for a Jailbroken iPhone (iOS 4.0.1):

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I was following this guide: Actually I was performing only the first four steps, i.e. following Apples guide on selfsigning + editing the Info.plist file.

Originally I was copying my apps via ssh into the /Applications folder on the device. Later I realised that I was also able to use Xcode to send the apps to the device via USB. In that case the apps get copied into the folder /Users/Applications.

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