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In order to run my AppleScript program I have to open it up and select "run." I want the program to just run when I click on it. I tried to compile it, but it didn't seem to make a difference or create a new file.

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2 ways.

1) my preferred method is to activate the Script menu. If you're using 10.6, open AppleScript Editor. Open the preferences and under the General tab click "Show Script menu in Menu Bar". Now you'll get a new icon in the menu bar section at the top-right of your screen. You can run any applescript from that menu. (in 10.5 the process is different but you can google for directions). To put an applescript in that menu just go to the folder ~/Library/Scripts and add your applescript to it. Choosing your applescript from the Script menu will run it.

2) "Save As..." from the file menu in AppleScript Editor and set the "File Format" to application. Then it works like any other application... just double-click it to run it.

NOTE: if you use the Script menu... selecting a script will run it. If you want to instead open the script in AppleScript Editor for editing then hold the option key down while choosing the script.

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When you are saving your AppleScript, you can choose to save it as an application, which will make it executable.

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If the script file already exist you may not get the Save As option (only Save), in which case you may have to trick it by selecting duplicate. Then you will get the dialog for the file format. – Miek Aug 19 '14 at 14:43
You can also File->export as an app – nvrtd frst May 18 at 19:53
It is worth mentioning that a 133-byte script is saved as a 101-kbyte application :[. – Alexey Nov 19 at 20:39

If you were considering methods like the first one mentioned by regulus6633 you can launch AppleScripts with Quicksilver, TextExpander, osascript and some other. To make an application you just use the method 2.

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