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I am trying to get some javascript to programatically adjust a html img tag's width to display various sized images correctly.

I have a fixed width img tag at 800px to display an image, this is the max width.

If the image is wider then 800px I want to display it at 800px wide;

If the image is less than 800px wide I want to preserve its width to avoid stretching it.

I use this html/javacript code to get a partial solution:

    <script type="text/javascript">
      function resize_image( id )
        var img = document.getElementById( id );

        var normal_width = img.width;

        img.removeAttribute( "width" ); 

        var real_width = img.width;

        if( real_width < normal_width )
            img.width = real_width;
            img.width = normal_width;
    <img id="myimage" onload="resize_image(;" src="IMAGE.JPG" width="800" />

The above code seems to work on all browsers I have tested except Safari (images don't display unless you refresh the page).

I know I can use CSS max-width but that wont work on IE < 7 which is a show stopper.

How can I get this working for all browsers? Many thanks in advance.

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I have never seen a safari in work, but you can try changing your onload event to this:

onload="resize_image(;return true"

It could be that without a return value, safari thinks that this object should not be loaded.

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Use the IE6 css+javascript hack:

  .dynamic_img {
      width: expression(document.body.clientWidth <= 800? "auto" : "800px");
      max-width: 800px; //For normal browsers
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This has a performance cost, so you can't have a bunch of them on the page. – sblundy Dec 16 '08 at 14:40
Hm, I've just tested it and guess what, that expression is evaluated on any possible event. And I was naive to think it evaluates only once... – bezmax Dec 16 '08 at 14:52

Without id:

  function resize_image( img )
     //var img = document.getElementById( id );
  <img onload="resize_image(this);" src="IMAGE.JPG" width="800" />
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Have you tried monkey with You could also try having 2 CSS classes for each of the 2 conditions and programmaticly change them.

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