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I need to setup Symfony on a shared host that runs on windows IIS. The domain directs to the root folder of the host. Which means no /public_html or /htdocs.

Is there any way to configure Symfony in a way that if I move the contents in "/web" to the root folder of my shared hosting account with the rest of the folders (app, config, tests etc...) , it would still work ?

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Please refer to symfony on IIS –  Peter Long Sep 15 '10 at 12:54

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Yes definitely you can do this.

Just do:

Open - lib\symfony\config\sfProjectConfiguration.class.php
Find - $this->setWebDir($rootDir.DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.'web'); function
Modify - "web" folder by whatever path or directory you want

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On linux, you can do symbolic links to a directory. The windows equivalent of a symlink to the root directory named web would solve your problem I guess...

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Symfony on IIS

In the first case, the webserver is only used for our symfony project, and the URL is something like http://myproject/.

Assuming the directory in which you created the directory myapp is c:\myproject\, configure the root directory of your server to be c:\myproject\web (in IIS administration console).

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