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I'd like to use javascript_include_tag to grab all view related scripts using recursion, which a placed in public/javascripts/views.

I'm trying javascript_include_tag "/views", :recursive => true, but failed to add any script.

Regards, Alexey Zakharov

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According to the API documentation of javascript_include_tag:

Returns an html script tag for each of the sources provided.

You can pass in the filename (.js extension is optional) of javascript files that exist in your public/javascripts directory for inclusion into the current page or you can pass the full path relative to your document root.

You cannot recursively include all files in your directory. However, you always can write something like the next line:

javascript_include_tag *Dir[Rails.root.join("public/javascripts/views/**/*.js")]
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Method you have provided work with mistake. It create absolute urls to files. Here modified version that works: def collect_javascript_files(path) Dir[config.javascripts_dir + File::SEPARATOR + path].map { |s| s.sub(config.assets_dir, "") } end –  Alexey Zakharov Sep 15 '10 at 7:03
how do you get this to work? I put helper_method :collect_js_files and your function in application_controller.rb, but when i call =javascript_include_tag collect_js_files('public/javascripts/folder') in my html.haml it does nothing (empty line in the generated html) this would be really useful if it works, thanks! –  butterywombat Feb 2 '11 at 14:48

The following (unoptimized) code should work in rails 3.0 or above

<%= javascript_include_tag Dir[Rails.root.join("public/javascripts/views/**/*.js")].map { |s| s.sub(Rails.root.join("public/javascripts/").to_s, "") } %>
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This works perfectly for me. Thanks a lot. My .js files are present under the folder javascripts/controls with you solution it is able to add all files under this folder –  rahoolm Jan 12 at 10:59
glad it worked! –  Shyam Habarakada Jan 14 at 18:23

An simple solution is to create a new js-file ( further called activate.js ) and include the files there.

< FolderWithFiles >/activate.js ://= require_tree .

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You can use

<%= javascript_include_tag :all %>

But this will work only if the scripts are stored in your



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