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i need a way to check my websites performance for more than at least a 100,000 hits per day. I dont want to be caught offguard during spikes of visitors to the website.

So is there any way i can check for website performance. any scripts, programs software which i can use for offline/online testing ?

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There are several tools out of here, Apache provides a tool called "ApacheBench", Wikipedia has a list of alternatives.


Example usage:

ab -c 5 -n 1000 http://example.com/
  • -c 5: five concurrent requests, that is five requests at a time.
  • -n 1000: do a total of 1000 requests
  • http://example.com/: the page you want to request
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No services, sorry. Applicaitons you can install locally and test things in your network. Note that 100.000 hits PER DAY is NOTHING. Like really nothing. Equally distributed over 4 (!) hours that would be 6.9444 (a little less than 7) hits PER SECOND. Distribute it evenly over a day and we talk of 1.16 (nearly one and a quarter) hits per second. My mobile phone can handle that.

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so is a shared server good enough or do i need a dedicated one just in case. maybe the cloud ??. –  soden Sep 15 '10 at 6:32
No idea. Depends how much processing you do per hit. Normally I would say the cheapest shared site would be plenty. –  TomTom Sep 15 '10 at 6:37

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