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The product I am talking about is Adam Shaws Plugin Fullcalendar

I am really pleased with this product. However I am not a code expert. I am using this calendar to display bookings. However the time rows display form 12 am onwards. Realistically I only need to show the table of entries from 8am to 10.oopm. I was wondering if this could be achieved and free up some more space to make the existing rows bigger, to enhance the display of event bookings.

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Try using the agendaDay view with this:

minTime: 7,
maxTime: 21,

minTime: Determines the first hour/time that will be displayed, even when the scrollbars have been scrolled all the way up.

maxTime: Determines the last hour/time (exclusively) that will be displayed, even when the scrollbars have been scrolled all the way down.

also maybe helpful: firstHour: Determines the first hour that will be visible in the scroll pane.

Integer, default: 6 Values must be from 0-23, where 0=midnight, 1=1am, etc.

The user will be able to scroll upwards to see events before this time. If you want to prevent users from doing this, use the minTime option instead.

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I guess it works for some version

But for me it only works like this

minTime: "07:00:00",
maxTime: "21:00:00",

And big Thanks @orolo, you enlightened me.

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If you are using the latest version of fullcalendar, the 'firstHour' property is now 'scrollTime'. The value that you use assign it should have the '06:00:00' format.

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