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I have enum ClientType{INTERNAL,ADMIN}, i am able to persist enum with hibernate annotations. but inserted value is INTERNAL,ADMIN. How can i define my own vlaue. I want table to contain "I" for INTERNAL. How can i do this hibernate annotations.

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Thanks for above link. It is very helpful –  dmay Oct 6 '10 at 5:43

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There is no support for this built into Hibernate/JPA that I'm aware of. The best way to do this is to have a char property in your entity containing either 'I' or 'A', but to only expose the ClientType enum:

public enum ClientType() {

    INTERNAL('I'), ADMIN('A');

    private final char dbValue;

    private ClientType(char dbValue) {
        this.dbValue = dbValue;

    public static ClientType findByDbValue(char dbValue) {
        for (ClientType t : ClientType.values()) {
             if (t.dbValue == dbValue) {
                  return t;
        throw new IllegalArgumentException ("Unknown type " + dbValue);


private char clientType;

public ClientType getClientType() {
    return ClientType.findByDbValue(this.clientValue);

public void setClientType(ClientType type) {
    this.clientType = type.dbValue;
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